was founded with the view to encouraging a Lifetime of play; from young toddlers, to teenage years, midlife and twilight years.  We want to create a lifetime of enjoyment for every age group.  This is a business that has evolved from a deep appreciation of the importance of play, learning and creativity

Mark Richardson

As a child growing up in the ‘70’s and 80’s, Mark played endlessly with his Matchbox and Majorette cars.  Mark’s father also gave him a love of model railways, buying Mark his first train set for him one magical Christmas.

Peter Finnegan

Peter was an ‘80’s child, who had a love for Matchbox cars, Action Man  and his Star Wars AT-AT.  Nothing  however, could surpass the hours of  fun Peter had playing with his favourite Evel  Knievel stunt motorbike.


The Lifetime Toy Company was established by Mark Richardson and Peter Finnegan, who have been working together since 2008.  Both married with young families, Mark and Peter along with their wives Irene and Helen, have a great appreciation of the development importance of play and interaction.  The two boys, Peter and Mark are big kids at heart who thankfully have understanding and patient partners to rein them in.  Both families are fully committed to ensuring the quality and value of the products and services of the Lifetime Toy Company.

Come and discover your own world of imagination.


Here are some of our favourite toys that shaped our appreciation of play, learning and imagination