Lifetime Toy Company

This is our very first blog at the Lifetime Toy Company so the best way to start is by means of introduction.

We’re two friends and now business partners. Both married with young children, our names are Mark Richardson and Peter Finnegan and we are the Founders of the Lifetime Toy Company.

We wanted to develop a toy business that can bring the magic of toys to every age group.

This magic can manifest itself in many ways:
• A child fascinated by the colours, the look, the feel or even the sounds of their first toy
• A toddler who learns and develops through play: learning social skills,  building confidence,  developing spatial    skills and creative skills as they start to use their imagination
• A teenager who dreams of owning an exotic car or who wants to live out military battles in the safety of an attic
• An adult who loves to pour over a collection of realistically modeled, cars/ planes
• The older person perhaps who has built a model railway in the attic and achieves the boyhood dream of driving  steam  or diesel engines and who going full circle, can share in the magic of that dream with the younger generations of grandchildren, sons and daughters

To this day, I still remember my eldest son being overwhelmed with excitement when I brought him up to the attic to see what I was building. Even now many years later, he, along with his younger brother and sister, constantly ask to to go up to the attic to play with the trains.

MR Kids

Life is no different in the Finnegan household as Peter’s two sons play endlessly with their latest favourites from the brilliant Schleich range of toys.  The boys simply love their horses and stable which occasionally receives a visit from the Schleich Lions and Tigers that roam the playroom.

PF Boys

It’s fair to say though that myself and Peter are the biggest kids of all  and there is no greater pleasure than the bonding time that we as parents spend playing and teaching our children how to use their imagination and to have fun. We all benefit from it, adult and child alike.

So whether you’re a parent with a young family or simply overgrown kids like us, you will always find something special with the value, quality and selection of  products we offer through the Lifetime Toy Company.  We look forward to bringing the magic of toys into your home.